Is he shy or is he playing me?

I am flirting with a new guy from work. He's 4 years younger than me and from a very religious family. When we are at work, he gets super flirty with me. He winks, flirts up a storm, teases me, etc. When we are on dates (sort of dates) together, he gets super shy but talks date-y stuff like family, childhood, very interested in current goals, etc. So this is the problem: When I ask him out, he always says yes. He gets out of his car to greet me at my door, tries to put his arm behind my back, tells me how I should meet his family, becomes super nervous when he thinks he has said something potentially silly saying stuff like I hope you don't judge me for x, y, z, texts me saying he had an awesome time with smiley face emoticons (I've been told that most guys don't do emoticons unless they are interested in you), and gives me a hug. He tends to get extra nervous at the end of dates though. No kiss yet. So far we've had two non-dates that were very datey and one real date. The thing is I ALWAYS HAVE TO ASK HIM OUT! My friend who is his friend told me he's actually a virgin with little experience, so that may explain the shyness. Given his extra religious family/upbringing I don't think he would be a player and he acts like the nicest of guys. But why is he flirting but not asking me out? I can't be asking him out all the time. He needs to show interest in seeing me as well. What do you think? This has been going on for 2 wks. Saw him for 2 non-dates and one real date in 3 wks.


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  • Its definitely an experience thing.Some guys are good at opening, some are good at closing and in his case he may just be good at flirting. And technically you only asked him out once because 2 of the times you went out were "non-dates"


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