Why would she want to come for the weekend?

My girl called this morning telling me in a much sweeter way than I'm telling you that she doesn't see us long term. We've been dating for 7 months. We have had 5 amazing long weekends dates. we communicate all day everyday since we found each other. we laugh and share our day, inspire, support, love each other very much.

The problem is we live two hours away and across international border. Our family's and friends in our own respected countries.

Actually this set up has been working great, I wanted more but was patient and accepting. She was actually calling the shots when we meet.

So she tells me she doesn't think it will work out and she really respects me wanmts me but doesn't see it working...

So that's a break up right?

Well next she says she wants to come and stay for the weekend to talk about this in person... which to seems like slow torture...

Then tells me she wishes she would have waited to tell me this because hoping if it could make it work out ...to make us more than what we are.. ... I'm totally confused now!

This phone call killed me , and now is texting me since wishing I wasn't hurting.. and other everyday texts we share about our day.

What is she thinking and what does she want? this is crazy to me.

Well sorry to report she came to be with me one last time for a two day stay. She just left. we spent the whole time crying cuddling making love or hand in hand when we went out. we fell deeper in love with each other. Life is so strange. I'm going to miss her every single day. She has life to figure out and I respect that I truly do love her so I will let her go. No matter how much it hurts I will always know she loves me and wishes it to be different as well. I understand I just don't like it.


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  • Who wouldn't want to come for a whole weekend? Ha ha, sorry I had to make a stupid dirty joke.

    Seriously though I've no idea what she's up to. Only she would know what's going through her head. What reasons did she initially give for breaking it off? Was it just the long distance or is it that she didn't feel strongly enough to put forth the effort anymore? Whatever the reason, it sounds like she's having second thoughts now if you're still open to it.

    • LOL thanks for your dirty mind the world needs more women like you :),

      well I kinda broke down the conversation as it came across. So I was confused through out the entire time. She called me 5am this morning as well crying saying she couldn't sleep, it's great to hear my voice,missing me. Wishing I wasn't hurt. So she basically is breaking it off still but wants this to be easy and clean... I don't know how to take all of this , If she feels all of this then WHY end it?Or think about it

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    • Thanks for BA, so sorry it didn't work out.

    • You are very welcome THANK YOU :)

      And thank you for the sympathy ... Lol

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  • She probably is getting tired of the long term stuff maybe she meet someone else...