You ever gotten a rude response or been blocked on a dating site?

Both have happened to me once, but that being said I don't even think I said anything to warrant either. One time I asked a girl who was into black metal what her favorite black metal bands were and her response was you look like a pedophile. I know this is tasteless, but I called her a **** because of it and then she's like you most likely are a pedophile because you called me that, good to know you're not gonna molest my cousins. It's like oh did I hurt your feelings? I could understand her saying that if I said something perverted or creepy, but I was just being polite. I would have rather her not messaged back at all even if she truly did think that.

Another girl listed that she was into frisbee and so I asked if she ever played frisbee golf and then she just viewed my profile and blocked me.

Now being rejected alone isn't an issue, plenty of other women to go after. I just thought those were extreme reactions considering what I did.

Do creeps and perverts on dating sites ruin it for others who are genuinely interested in finding a date?

Btw this is for people who have gotten this when they have done nothing wrong. If you gotten this after sending a creepy/perverted message, then there's your answer, unless you're just that clueless when trying to get women, just saying lol.


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  • That's weird.I have been on dating site and I never blocked anyone just for a silly reason like that unless if they harass me.These girls probably have a bunch of guys messaging them everyday and pretend to start a decent conversation but then turn into pervert after a while.So they thought you are going to do the same and that explain their action to you.

    • Yeah there was another time where I was talking to a girl I started talking to and then two weeks into talking, I gave her my # and she was a little hesitant. She was like if you end up being a creep, I'm done talking to you and deleting my profile. She ended up being cool though we never met up because our schedules conflicted and she lived kinda far away and had no car. She told me guys would message her for sex, ask her to move in with them, etc. This was before even meeting in person.

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    • Right that's their fault then especially considering that they agreed to flirt and nothing else. My issue with this girl was that she led me on romantically. Sure she could have had mood swings, but I thought it was disingenuine to act super interested and then back off without explanation and make me feel like I'm a psycho for reciprocating those feelings. I mean if she only wanted a fling then she should have made it clear. People act like rejection is a big deal, but being led on is way worse

    • It's another reason why honesty and communication are important in relationships. I think a lot of relationships are ruined because of dishonesty and signals are misread. It's like someone saying they're looking for a relationship, but they're really just looking for a hookup. It happens a lot, but it is still misleading. They should at least put date but nothing serious.

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  • People can be rude. I'm sorry they were so rude to you.

    Just move on and try again, that's all you can do.

    I've been called lots of names too. It's just what insecure people do. That being said, I wouldn't lower yourself to their level by calling them such a derogatory name. Be the bigger person.

    • RIght yeah I just spoke out of anger. I don't do that anymore. Sometimes it's best to kill them with kindness lol.

      I mean I didn't take it personal because they were strangers. I mean I know not everyone thinks I look like a pedophile. The girl I'm now seeing thinks I'm very cute. I'm not trying to brag, but that shows that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What's attractive to one person may not be attractive to another.

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  • Now you know why these girls need dating sites to begin with...

    • That doesn't make any sense.

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    • I'm selective, and definitely don't want every girl that comes my way, but a good things a good thing sometimes. No reason to pass it up.

    • Yeah I'm selective as well. I'm not just gonna take any girl just for the sake of getting one, even if I'm having a dry spell. That's just desperate.

  • wow... I wish I could find out who those two chicks were so I can preemptively block them.

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