Would this be weird to send him?

I was texting a guy for awhile then out of the blue he just stopped talking to me :/ I kinda wanted to message him on Facebook and tell him I miss talking to him, but I don't want it to look weird.


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  • Hey... Have you actually met this person like face to face. I wouldn't tell him you missed him. But you could try just asking if everythings OK. That's it. But sometimes if they vanish something spooked him, or he may be in a relationship. But let's hope he's OK overall physically and wasn't in some sort of accident. But I would not chase him down hun. A simple text from him to tell you he doesn't want to talk anymore, would have been nice on your behalf. Don't tell him you miss him. One you're putting yourself out there for possible rejection, and two, well. There isn't two. Don't expose how you feel. You'll get let down. Sorry you went through that.

    • hey

      yeah we met once but it was a little bit before we started chatting. I have asked him if everything is OK and still no response :/

      And that's all I ask for just a simple text telling me he didn't wanna talk anymore, but instead I just got ignored. I just miss our convos, he use to make me laugh constantly.

      Well it definitely wouldn't be the first time I get let down.

      Thanks :) I'll be ok

    • It's not you hun. He's the jerk. He missed out on a good thing and friend. A man will never just disappear, a man child will. Think of it this way, at least you didn't invest years in a manchild who isn't mature enough or balsie enough to just say not interested. Truth sucks. But its better than trashy moves. You will get over him. Believe me. And you'll meet a real man, who gives you more than just texts. He will make you smile in person. Hugs

    • You are indeed correct ma'am reading your answer I realize it is him! Thank you for that advice that's exactly what I needed to hear. Me telling him I miss him would only stroke his ego!

      Man child he is...he'll probably never grow up and will continue to do this to girls.

      Oh yeah I agree I'll get over it :) hugs back*

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  • Atta girl. So proud of you hun. Big hugs

  • Dont write to him, there's a reason behind that he dosnt answer mabe that he's just an a**hole or that he didn't like something you Said, well a normal guy texts you if something is wrong and then there's those other who dosnt give a crap because he dosnt care enough to Tell you so he dosnt write, I'm not saying that it has to be this case but eather way I wouldn't text , because he might be an a**hole and thinks your chasing his ass

    • Thanks for your answer! :)