What did I do so wrong? Guys please read!

From day one I always thought my friend mike was very good looking,we went to the same school lived in the same neighborhood our older siblings dated he dated my cousin.I was best friends w his sis id go over.& he was always there in our convos trying to play.etc we were lyk 16 they would come over to mines and she would always say mikes the one who wants to come over.point is after 2 years I gave him a Christmas gift w a letter telling him how much I liked him ...HE NEVER SPOKE TO ME AGAIN.when I asked his sis she js said she didnt.know.2 years have passed & he still.wont cross words w me.


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  • He never did like you back that much he did not want a long term sexuall relation ship with you he wanted your cousin not you. he might have liked you as a friend but nothing further. And now that your fellings for him are know he sees no point in continuing to be your friend even though he should have told you that you were both just friends if even that

    • He broke up with my cousin & a year after that I wrote him what I felt but the thing is the only reason why I mentioned how I felt was because he was always flirty he would say he loved my thighs,my skin,ny lips and usually treated me like I was his girl to the point others would say you guys should just go out.its been 6 years since we haven't spoke & he js sent me a request on social media about 2 months I haven't accepted?I also believe you're right thank you for your time and reaponse

  • If you have any more details let me know


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