So I have absolutely no idea if this girl likes me.

so this girl I met at my old room mates place have been texting and talking for like a couple weeks and last weekend I ended up going to their place and sleeping in her room, no sex or anything (didn't try) just some cheek kisses and spooning (I hate that word) during a movie, concluded with one freakin good kiss before I left in the morning but after that texting her has been a little more stale she isn't bringing as much conversation to the table as she used to (two or three worded responses) and last night I asked her to this concert and she replied with little excitement about how she probably won't be able to get the days off. so I'm like dang that sucks. and she's like yeah I know sorry. that's when I say "that's alright I just like you and want to go to a concert with you that's all" (that was the first actual verbalization of any feeling toward one another from either of us) and since then she hasn't texted me back. I am so very confused, and need some massive help!


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  • I think that this girl has lost interest and doesn't have the gutts to tell you that. I think you should rather leave it, don't initiate conversation unless she does. Pursue other options too, don't wait around pining over it :)


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