Play it cool or stop playing games?

Let's see, met great girl 8 months ago, she lives w boyfriend tho, was a waitress who gave me her number, etc. We went on many, what I called "not dates" as they were essentially dates with nothing happening since, naturally she was taken.

Backstory is I got out of a bad relationship right before I met her so I've been super emotionally unavailable.

This goes on for a while. we get to a point where we are talking and seeing each other every day, and then it happens.

She calls drunk wanting me to come f*** her while her boyfriend is passed out. I don't. She's embarrassed. I break down to her the fact that I want something with her not to be an excuse for her to break up.

We only see each other a couple times for a month. I text her on my birthday. She responds calling drunk and incoherent, then texts saying she moved out on her own, everything sucks and she'll call me when she can.

Am I a fool for waiting or expecting something? For missing her? Should I leave it alone? I don't know help! by the way I'm mid 30's she's mid 20's


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  • Just move on, she's obviously a wanna be player. If you did actually get into a relationship with her do you honestly thing she'd treat you any differently than she did her past boyfriend?


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