Why is he being this way? And did he lose interest?

He approached me, he messaged me a lot. We flirted and he wanted to hang out. Twice it didn't happen but we finally did get to hang out, when he got there he was looking for me and my friends were sitting down studying and they even realized he kept looking and smiling at me. After they left, it was me and him. He got jealous when he thought I was checking out a guy and he made fun of him but I told him I wasn't because I really wasn't. I was nervous but he still wanted to hang out another time. The weekend came he invited me to see his band and I didn't go but I didn't say why. The next day he messaged and asked how I was. I told him I got into an argument with my mom. He said she only wants to protect her little baby. He found out I don't drink he said it's not horrible to drink once in awhile. After that we talked about food. He invited me to eat someday and I said yes. He gave me his # to text him so I did. He took hours to reply back but he still did until he stopped at night.

The next day I texted him saying there was school and all he put was thanks. I felt something was different. He still liked some of my stuff on fb but I still knew it wasn't the same. The day after that he ends up messaging me and he isn't flirting like usual but when I made a joke I apologized thinking it was mean and said I thought he didn't want to talk to me no more and he said he could never be mad at me.

Today I messaged him and he replied back "Yooo" but he hasn't read what I sent back.

Why is he being this way towards me?


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  • he's just not that interested