How to go from meeting online to a date?

Culture shock trying to online date after divorce! Met a guy online and we started texting/talking daily for a week. Then he skipped Monday altogether, but sent single "have a nice day" type texts Tuesday and Wednesday! Guys, especially, what's up with that?! I want him to ask me out so I can see if there's any in person chemistry. What should I do? Thanks!


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  • I hate texting. Perhaps he's just not that into texting either :/ It doesn't sound like all hope is lost. It's OK to initiate texts. He might actually want you to. If you're really curious about him, drop some hints about actually talking on the phone! This will go nowhere fast if you can't actually speak!

    P.S. The "Have a Nice Day" text is a delay tactic in the event it's the only text you get on a given day-

    • The thing is we've actually talked several times on the phone and I thought it went well. The last time we spoke was Sunday night. Then I heard nothing on Monday followed by "have a nice day" type short texts (without asking questions to keep the conversation going) on Tuesday and Wednesday. All I knew to do was to respond in kind. What should I do now? Thanks!

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