Is he serious or just trying to keep me hanging???

Okay, so my parents have a lot of friends that like to come over for parties and such... well this last party, one of them brought her 18 year old son. He started flirting with me and all my parent's friends would pull me off to the side and say "That guy is a jerk/idiot. Don't mess with him. He's mean to girls."

For the most part I did but it's not like I can completely ignore a person without seeming rude so I only talked to him when I didn't have a choice. But then he started trying to talk to me more and I couldn't just walk off... we traded numbers and everything. He seemed really nice and sweet (he still does) and I couldn't believe that everyone had said the things they did about him. As I'm sure you know, chlorine in your eyes stings to high heaven and makes them irritable to light changes. Well, it just so happens that the hallway leading to my room is the darkest area in the house. He decided to stand there (not knowing my room was just down the hall) because his eyes hurt from the chlorine. Well, people decided to claim that he was trying to sneak back to my room (while my little sister was sleeping in there with me). My parents banned me from seeing him again. Well, we've been talking for about a month and we've decided that we'll give US a try when I'm 18. The other day he told me that he thinks he's fallen in love with me. But he also told me yesterday, that he's taking his ex girlfriend to prom and that they're probably gonna get back together. He said it's just temporary; nothing like what we would have and he wants me to wait for him. He gets super jealous when I date a different guy even though I'm okay with the other girl. Is he just playing with my heart... or does he seriously care?


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  • Don't wait for him. He's not waiting and seeing someone else so why should you wait? I'm still young but if there's one thing I learned is that you should never make someone else your priority number 1, especially if that persone is not willing to do the same for you. Always make yourself your number 1 priority.

  • Sounds like he wnats to leave you hanging forget him and move on.