Will me and this guy work out and will it last?

Okay first off I'm 19 and I was always bullied in school. And I don't mean just a bit bullied. Like every day from k-12. Every guy always laughed at me and called me ugly. The only guy friend I ever had was on I met on FB. And he would flirt with me and was protective! But ended up just playing me when he asked me out it lasted like 10 minutes and I never spoke to the guy again because he blocked me. Anyway this guy I met. He's 18 and I really like him. He's actually helping me

Out a lot. More than he knows. He says I'm really pretty and I have pretty eyes and a smile that's worth making, he usually always texts me first thing in the morning and calls me sweetheart, beautiful, angel, perfection! And always cares about me! We went on one date so far and normally I'm super shy and can't even get one word out in front of a guy. But it kinda just felt natural, and I was able to. we had to reschedule our second date he told me he's gonna take me for supper and we were suppose to tonight. But I had to go see my sick grandpa, but I'm still really scared this is gonna end and I don't want it too! So does it seem like he likes me? Should I get my friend to talk to him? And see how he feels? If it helps on the first date he put the side of his forehead on my side and I think he wanted to kiss me. But he knew I wasn't quiet comfortable yet so he just didn't. And when I told him I couldn't come on the date I felt so bad and he kept re assuring me it was alright.he told me he was just amazed I never went on a date before or never had a boyfriend. Also when we went on our date he told me well this course is 3 years so I'm

Not leaving any time soon. So was he kinda hinting he could see this last? So will this like last?


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  • First of all I'm so sorry you were bullied. I understand why that's caused you some insecurities now.

    Second it's great that you've met this guy that is treating you well. It seems impossible but you need to take things slow. Stop thinking about forever and just think about next week. You are only 19 you have plenty of time to date and find the perfect someone for you. Again I know you are 19 and when I was 19 I felt like I had to have it all figured out, hence I'm divorced now.

    My personal opinion is that if you act insecure he will get tired of reassuring you. He's said it's alright that you couldn't get together tonight so believe him and let it go. He understands about your grandfather so that's good. Do not have people ask him about how he feels, that's Jr high behavior.

    If you're having fun and you trust him then keep having fun. You've only had one date. Instead of worrying about forever think about the 2nd date. Have fun and good luck.

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