So are we dating? Guys please help me.

I met this guy online in June and I'm moving to his hometown this month. Over the summer I was in his hometown and we went on our first date and he bought me dinner and it was great. Then we hung out about once a week. He doesn't have a lot of money so most of the stuff we did was free. He did buy me ice cream when we went to the beach. I really like him and we get along really well. We text each other throughout the week. Then recently I went to go visit to go to a conference with him. And he opens doors for me and pays for my coffee and meal, but he won't tell me if we are dating or just friends. In my head if a guy buys stuff and is sweet he is probably into her. He doesn't really say anything that would make me think I'm friend-zoned or a sister to him. He's super open about everything except us and he tends to be a little on the shy side.

I'm just a little confused overall...would you consider that we are dating? Is this some kind of unspoken guy thing? please help...


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  • I would call this dating. When you say that he won't tell you if you're dating, this is to say you've asked him? Bear in mind that dating implies little more than a continued desire to see each other and the potential for more later. It could result in friendship. It also doesn't restrict either of you from dating other people. This status is inherently vague.


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