I have a concert date (#2), how should I act?

Do you have any tips on how a girl can be attractive at a concert and seem like they're having fun? I never heard of this band and it's a rock concert. Do I dance with him or talk not to sure how to keep him interested all the while paying attention to the band. Basically guys, how would you like a girl act at a concert date?


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  • well as a guy who likes some pretty extreme music, I always know a girl likes me if she's willing to see a band I like, so there's that. so don't show it too much or it will seem fake and I find it difficult to comment since I don't know the dynamic between you two but basically, don't dance unless the energy level actually gets that high, try and be a bit non-chalant. talking is pretty much not happening, that's not what he's going to the show for.


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