Why do girls use dating sites?

I am on 2 dating sites. (Ok Cupid and PoF). I am not the best with talking to girls and kinda hate them but I'm working on changing that by trying to converse with them.

I am always polite and use proper grammar and try to have a proper conversation. I don't use "hey baby" or anything along those lines. I think I am very sincere.

After reading a lot on the Internet and from what I have seen here women my age (22) are shallow and like to "get around".

Are dating sites used by girls to hook up? Do they want anything serious?

If someone "likes" or wants to "meet you" what does that mean? Do I message them or what?


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  • From my experience I would say MOST girls use the FREE dating sites simply to gain more attention, make themselves feel more important/special etc. On nearly every dating site, the number of guys SIGNIFICANTLY outnumbers the number of girls, meaning that the ladies are free to pick and choose only the most attractive males to converse with. Basically, unless you are Brad Pitt or state that you have a high paying salary, you will struggle to get responses from even 'average' girls, because they too have the option to only go for the more attractive guys - who are probably also just on the site to boost their ego further.

    If you are using dating sites to seek a serious relationship, then you are likely to be far more successful if you use PAY sites. Because the females are also paying to be on them, it's obvious they want something like a serious relationship and aren't just using these sites to see how many male responses they get and use that information to gauge their attractiveness level.

    If someone 'likes', wants to 'meet you' or even has just viewed your profile in detail, you should message them quickly. They would have been window shopping and you have clearly caught their eye - but only TEMPORARILY. Think about it...they are scanning through hundreds of pictures of guys, so they will soon forget about you. Striking while the iron is hot always works best and increases your chances of getting a response. It's good that you are grammatically correct, also avoid using 'standard' conversation initiators like just "hey" - you need to say something unique that will stand out.

    Ultimately though, you will always have the issue of multiple males competing over a single female; so you need to make your profile as attractive as possible to increase the chances of making you stand out. This is why I believe, even though the concept of it is clearly good, online dating simply doesn't work for the majority.

    The thing which ALL girls will judge you on first is your pictures/appearance, if they don't like what they see then they won't even bother reading your messages - and you can't blame them, they are spoilt for choice and don't like your looks so why should they pursue you further?

    There are many guides on the internet for how to make your dating site profile look attractive. Good luck!

  • Honestly, most girls use dating sites for attention. Only a small fraction of them really want to get serious with everyone. They "complain" about getting hook up requests from guys but they really just want to see a bunch of compliments from guys without having to do anything other than putting up a photo. So basically, dating sites are just another Facebook for girls. They have no intention of actually doing anything other than receiving messages. I remember one girls telling me how she switched to a pay sites and she voiced her discouragement as to how much less emails she was getting. She missed the attention.