Thoughts on interracial dating?

I know in some families it's frowned upon even if this day and age. I think love is love despite skin color.

So here's something currently going on...I kinda think this black guy is cute from my class. He told me once before he thought I was a beautiful girl :) Whenever he sees me he usually smiles and tells me hey and asks how I'm doing. OK I have to admit I'm interested. Ha in fact he talked to me today and it made my day :)

Problem is if I were to ''talk'' to him or date him a lot of my family would probably talk bad about me, or even some would disown me just cause he's black. I don't know why they're like that... I don't want to disappoint my family but I'm interested in this guy ://

Have you or someone you know ever dated outside your race?

Oh before I forget I'm native American :)


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  • Certain combos are frowned upon, typically by white men.

    White men justify having latin fever or yellow fever but condemn white women for dating black men or look down on white men dating black women.

    I do think stereotypes exist for a reason. When you look at white men who date interracially exclusively, they're typically less attractive. You never see a Liam Hemsworth with an Asian or black girl, but usually some old, fat, scruffy dude or some nerdy white guy who knew desperate black or Asian girls would settle for him.

    Likewise, a lot of white women who date black men are fat and rejected white women.

    I wouldn't risk family over puppy love. But then again, I also don't give 2 sh*ts what my family members think as they're in the last position to judge. If they wanna play the judging game I'll play the calling immigration and IRS game.


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  • I haven't dated outside my race and neither has anyone else I know, although Ireland isn't really known for diversity. I'm definitely a fan of it though.

  • I do not see any problem in inter-racial dating. But I think you need to justify what's more important, your relationship with your family or a potential relationship with a cute guy?

    Despite if you agree or disagree with your families beliefs, which obviously you don't, and I would not either, but family is family.


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  • I'm biracial myself and I also date outside of my race, so I'm definitely for interracial relationships. If you really think you could have something with this guy, I say go for it.

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