Which dating site do you use the most and why do you use it?




Why did you pick the one you picked. Have you experienced success?


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  • I used to use plentyoffish back before OKcupid took off as well as it did. I experienced quite a bit of success. I'm not with any of the girls I dated on there, though, but I wouldn't call that a failure. I just instead fell for my best friend later on, and have been with her for a few years, now. But yes, I've had a couple great relationships from PoF.

    Now I mainly use OKcupid because I find it's a better system, there's more people on there, things feel a little more friendly. Why am I on there? I'm looking to make new friends. Just friends. I've made a couple since joining, though I find making friends is a lot harder than finding a girlfriend, and finding a girlfriend is a lot harder than getting laid. But it makes sense when you think about it. Anyway, I'm on there to make friends. That's all.

    I find they're all OK, if you try. You can't just show up, put a picture of yourself, and say "hey". You actually need to fill out your profile, answer questions, and really TALK to get a real response. Y'know, if you're a guy.

    I hear if you're a girl, you basically just need to show up to get messages. However, if you want a quality message, you're still going to need to fill out your profile, or I guarantee the messages you receive will NOT be about you, or your personality. It's most likely about sex, and nothing else.

    So that's my experience. You?

    • I've used cupid and have dated someone from there. About to go back on. I've experienced very limited success. It really depends a lot of your location. A lot of times, I met a great guy, then I had to move and I didn't want a long distance relationship. So yeah. But I've only met one guy whom I was extremely attracted to and who actually did look like his pictures. I'd say 90% of the time, people don't look like their pictures. That's why I request a Skype session before meeting the person.

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    • No. Not really what I meant. Although I do like a guy whom I'm attracted to. Don't we all?

    • I haven't met a guy I was attracted to. lol JK

      But really, yeah it's nice when I'm attracted physically, though it's hardly the basis for why I choose to be with somebody. It's not very high on my priorities.

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  • I have both. I also have a match subscription but honestly... it sucks and has most of the same people already on the free ones. I don't expect paid dating to last much longer unless it's a special interest site. If I can only land one date in six months off of match then I can definitely say it's not worth it.

    I think girls complain more about pof than okc. But as a female, if you look anywhere near decent, you'll get a ton of messages from guys(just don't let it get to your head like most girls do). POF just seems to throw photos at you so if you don't read profiles, go with pof. If you like a more in depth profile, go with okcupid.

  • POF. I have gotten 4 different girls to go out with me from there. OK cupid was nice that I got more people to talk to me but none ever wanted to meet. I think people take the questions asked on there to serious anyway

    • interesting perspective on the questions

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  • Other... I don't really go out much, now that I am older.. And, I chose the one that I am on now because there are a better selection of men to choose from...

  • Tinder!
    I have also tried plenty of fish, it is pretty good