How can I turn this around?

I met a guy online and it quickly went offline. We started texting and talking on the phone daily for a week. The last time we spoke was Sunday night and at the end he mentioned talking again. Then he skipped all contact Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday he sent me one liner "have a nice day" type e-mails that did not start conversation by asking any questions. No contact yesterday (Thursday) or Friday (today). I think we are very compatible and would like to meet to see if there is in-person chemistry. Is there anything I can do? Can I send him a text? If so, what would I say? How can I turn this around?

UPDATE: I went to a charity ball last night and while there heard about a last minute loss that his football team suffered due to an interception. Acting on impulse, I sent him a text attaching a smiling picture - it says just heard about a game. Here's a smile from the ball to cheer you up. He sent a text back which included "you look beautiful" with an exclamation point and smiley face. Just now he sent me a text saying he was on his way out for his birthday. How to best handle?


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  • no. .check online,i bet you will find him there,meeting guys online in my experience is exactly where we end up losing them again. They are addicted to the take though

  • u don't,unless he is inviting you to celebrate with him which doesn't sound like it

    • Right, he wasn't inviting me. He lives an hour away. My sister said to just write back, "happy birthday, have a nice time" but I am thinking about waiting a little latter and trying to use it as a springboard for conversation like, "happy birthday! That's great that you went our with your family to celebrate. Did you have a nice time or dud you go anywhere special ". What do you think?

    • I wouldn't,u may be assuming he went out with his family ,what your sister said is better,u kind of sound desperate with the other statement,sorry