What should I do? Fight for him?

The guy I've been dating for over a year and a half told me this morning that he's having feelings for another girl which shocked me but didn't because it has happen before when we dated for 11months. he's upset Because he's always promised not to hurt me ever again after he first time and he still wants to be friends . I'm unsure if I can handle it again Because was crying for over 9 months over him Because he is such a nice caring guy. I don't kno if I should rensure him or not because of all the things we've been through but Because I'm such a kind person all I do is care and worry about him what ever his decision is. So what so I do , try and hold on told him? Make sure he is OK with making his decision ? Or distant myself ?


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  • That is very painful and confusing situation, I know. Look, if I were you, if I still had feelings for him, I would tell him that I still like him to see what kinda response he gives. I would ask him if he still likes me in "that way" or has his feelings completely changed and he's into someone else? If he apologizes profusely and says he still loves and wants to be with you, then it's up to you if you want to take him back or not. If he says no, he likes the other girl, then I think you should let him to and move on. He is not worth your time or emotional energy if he doesn't feel the same way about you and can't treat you in the way that you deserve.

    I know it's very difficult and heart wrenching but I think you should try resolve this situation as soon as possible and talk to him about it. It's no point, wasting your time pondering about all the different possibilities and worrying when you could be moving on new and better things and meeting other people.

    As for staying friends with him, it's up to you. Can you handle talking to him without being jealous about the other girl? Or breaking down? If you're not up to it right now, that's perfectly normal. Give it time so that your heart can heal and you look at things in a new light. In a few weeks/months' time, if you find yourself wondering about him (what he's up to? How is his relationship going?..etc.) but not agonising over him, then that's a good sign you can be friends again. Right now because things are still raw, I reckon you should just try to be nice and civil but not too overly friendly because you might end up complicating things for yourself. Be polite so that you don't end up saying things you'll regret and so that later on, if you want to be friends again, you still can. Hope this helps. :)


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  • You poor girl. Let him go. You have to give him the time and space to grow up. He shouldn't be "having feelings" for anybody but you. This isn't about him having feelings for someone else though, this is about him not having feelings for you. He might care for you as a friend but he doesn't seem to want to commit to you. That is hard to hear, I know, but it is also the truth. He seems to be kind of immature and indecisive. Why don't you turn this around, and give yourself a break. Tell yourself, that you are a good enough and strong enough person to accept the kind of love and commitment that you are able to give someone else.

  • Since this is the second time it happened to you, why would you want a third time?

    He has to be sure who he like but by doing that twice to you, it seem like his heart is not with you.

    let him go...

    I wouldn't want to deal with the heartaches from the same person twice or thrice