Should I make the effort guys, or not?

Me and this guy are flirting/texting since a couple month now, we also have met in person and had a great time together. He was still interested afterward and showed it too. He is in another state right now and will stay there for a while (but he'll come back). We kept texting each other and everything seemed to be OK so far. But a few days ago I realized that he was texting with another person too. I believe it's a girl 'cause men would not text each other for hours, right? lol. I can't ask him about that, we're not 'together'. I know I don't have the right to be jelaous 'cause we didn't make any promises or something but I still am. And I don't know what to do about it. We don't text each other every day but when we do, everything's great. But now I don't even want to text him when I see he is texting with that chick. I don't want to be another option for him, you know... but I don't wanna loose him though. So what should I do? Should I keep texting him and trying to keep the flame alive? Or should I do nothing but wait and see if he is still interested in me? If so, he would do something about it, right?


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  • I really can't say guys are confusing with this sort of thing. They text girls they like and text others because they're good friends or something, but it doesn't always mean they like the first girl any less. The best course of action I think may be to keep texting him, but don't pester him for texts. If he texts you first, and you ACTIVELY respond it will keep him interested, enjoy texting you, and just by the fact that you text him fun things back will give him another clue you may be interested to. chances are, he'll miss texting you, and probably run out of things to talk to this other girl about. so you can let him text you most of the time, unless you have something really exciting to tell him. so, you could try this advice, but I also firmly believe on how it feels to you. without thinking about it to much or thinking about the best or worst possible circumstance, do you think he's just playing you as an option of he actually likes you? also, hang out with him. have fun. be casual. do spontaneous things. and most importantly, go on some epic advnentures


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