Why haven't I dated anyone or anyone showed interest?

I'm not rude I can't talk to guys . But kinda shy if I'm attracted to then it's like I'm the only one not with someone everyone close around me .I keep thinking what's wrong with me . I just want a guy that can give me butterfly is that too much to ask ? I keep feeling like online meeting someone might happen it doesn't and I don't really want it to I just wanna make that connection in person . Why haven't I made that connection and why don't guys come up too me ?


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  • Relax,you're under 18,just like me. I've had a crush on 2 guys and each one of them ruined me.They rejected me,made me so insecure(I still am).I am a shy girl too,guys don't approach me,i've never had a boyfriend(one in 5th grade and one for 3 days,whom I've seen once do not count) ,mainly because I see myself ugly(which makes me sad,and people will see you as you see yourself) and lots of girls around me are the drunk,smoking,going out at night a lot in the club-types.You are pretty and I'm sure you will meet a guy,even if it will be a month later or 5 years. The only thing that you need to know is never let a guy destroy your self-esteem and if he doesn't make the slightest effort to talk to you,he isn't worth it. The second guy I have a crush on is my friend for almost a year,i'm stuck in the friend zone and sometimes he hurts me so bad..he can be very mean. He's not worth my time,everyone's telling me this,but I can't let go.Which is bad. He's a popular guy,I'm the shy ,chubby girl with fewer friends.Dontt try to change,or become a "Barbie" . Some guys liked me,but I simply didn't like them.When you really want something,you won't get it that easy. Everything comes when you don't expect it

    • Thank you , helpful

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    • You and thank you I'm sure your pretty as well we just gotta be patient , which is the worst hahaha

    • I know.XD It's so hard . Hope the guy will be worth my waiting lol

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  • Most guys are not like me. They fear rejection and will not approach a woman simply because they are attracted to her. Instead, they only approach a woman if she gives him signals that she wants him to approach her, so you got to break out of your shell some.

    • Okay . What ways should I break out my shell . I have no problem talking to guys that I see as friends then when I see them as more its get hard

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    • Okay that's helpful thanks .. and thank you lol about the hair

    • You're welcome :)

  • if that's your actual photo, I would suggest you grow your hair.. with guys, its all about looks

    • Yeah. ...

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    • i think you better google it.. but I hope you get the essence of my comment. These hollow ompliments won't help in life, a sound advice will

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  • Are you interested in non-black males? That could be part of the problem.

    • Yeah I just feel like non black males aren't interested