Does this mean he doesn't want a relationship now, but maybe in the future?

Okay so I'm 19 this guys 18. We went on our second date (I've only ever been on any date with this guy) I really like him a lot, and we went to the movie and he had his arm

Around me, and was holding my hand. I had my head on his shoulder at the end when everyone left I could tell he wanted to kiss me! I got nervous and he's like your always so nervous laughing and I laughed too, than we looked at each other and my first kiss just happened. After we sat there still cuddling. And he started telling me I'm really great, but he's just not sure if he wants to commit like this right now, and he's like I don't want you getting hurt! It'd hate seeing you hurt your just so sweet, with college I just don't know what I want. And he kissed my forehead than my lips again. And we sat talking a bit more about how it was my first kiss and it was awesome and I kissed his lips again. And we sat there cuddling and kissing a bit more. Than when we left we were standing at the outside door and he was holding me by my sides and said " just between us, I really don't know what I want in a relationship yet, but I wanna stay in touch" and he kissed my forehead again! Than we left. So by this does it mean he's never gonna date me? Or just wants to wait it out? because I just don't get why he kept kissing me more and holding me still if he didn't want to date me. So by him staying with me for a while after the kiss. Could we eventually be a couple and he just doesn't wanna start something and I get hurt? I'm just so confused I'm just falling for him and I want to be with him, so will it happen maybe eventually? And if were still friends wil he still cuddle me? Like we did at the movie because I liked that a lot! I've never had any of that ever


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  • stop fantasizing about him and listen to what he said,he doesn't know what he wants,emotionally unavailable

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