My boyfriend smokes too much pot. What can I do?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 2years and I have always known he was a pot smoker, It didn't bother me because he didn't do it that much when we first started dating and I would sometimes even join him but in the past year he has gone way too far and does it pretty much every day. I wouldn't mind it if he didn't change so much whilst on it. When he does it he gets so moody and gets angry at me for no reason and if I ask him not to do it he doesn't listen to me. We have had arguments about this many times but he always goes back to it. I feel like if he really respected me and my feelings he would slow down, and he hasn't... I love him but I don't know when enough is enough.. I'm so over dealing with this but I don't want to let our relationship go. When he smokes he says it makes him escape reality and makes him happy, but I know when his is off of it for a few weeks that is when I see him truly happy..

I don't know what to do.. I've tired and tired to reason with him but nothing works. All of his friends and sister smoke so he always has temptation and ease of access.. I hate walking around him with pot on him that sticks everything up and kissing him when he has had some..

He is so amazing when he isn't on it.. I fell in love with that person... Not the one who he is when he smokes... What can I do?

I don't know whether he has bipolar or he is depressed or it's the drugs because his mood and anger is out of control.


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  • This sounds similar to dealing with an alcoholic. When he's not high, I would sit him down and tell him that he can still smoke, but not everyday, maybe only 3 times a week to start. If he refuses, then maybe consider breaking up with him. He's choosing the drugs over you.


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  • if I where you id start by withholding sex. tell him your serious and if he continues your going to dump him. if he continues he's really not worth fighting for because he's already gone. I wish you luck

    • When he is on it he isn't really interested in sex anyway..

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  • You said it yourself, he isn't respecting you enough to listen to you.

    My gut response is to tell you to move on. He does seem to have deeper problems that he's covering up with the pot smoking, and it's not your responsibility to save him, especially since he's not admitting that there's a problem. Maybe you leaving will make him realize that he needs to change.