What am I to make of this?

So... me and my ex have been broken off since February. However- none of us removed it from Facebook.

We've talked very little since we broke up (a message here, a message there)...

Until I, a couple of weeks ago sent him a message to say that I miss him.. He then tried to call me, however- I was unavailable to answer.

I honestly just felt embarrased and tried forgetting the entire thing, until I recieved a text last night, asking if I wanted to talk. I was unavailable, and called a few hours later, and he got back to me an hour after I called.

He started the conversation with that he misses me too. He apologized for having hurt me, and he wanted me to come see him (lives far away). We talked a little, and ended in him ending the conversation with "I love you."

I might mention we were both a little drunk, and we planned to talk today, however, he had a lot to do today (as did I) so we scheduled for tomorrow. And he didn't seem too ... forward in the txts...

What the **** am I supposed to make of that?


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  • It's going to be hard to say for sure until you can have a real voice conversation, preferably sober and in the daytime, where both of you are able to put some thought into what you say. It sounds like there are still feelings on both sides, but in the light of day, that might not be enough, even though it sounded like a great idea late at night, when you're drunk and lonely. That isn't to say that it won't work out, it's just that you can't put TOO much weight on what someone says in that situation.

    Keep trying to arrange a time where you can talk on the phone (or Skype, or whatever), rather than relying on texts. Texts are probably the worst possible way to communicate relationship issues, especially when things are uncertain. It's SO easy to misinterpret things, or for someone to get busy and the other person feels ignored (they can't see or hear what's going on, like a voice call, so they have no idea why the other person isn't responding). You should never use texts for important relationship issues unless it's literally the ONLY option. Face to face is best, but if that can't happen, then at LEAST a phone call, if not a video chat.

    Don't rush it either. Take some time, and give him some time, to figure out how you really feel, and if the issues that caused you to break up have really been solved and put behind you, or if you are just feeling lonely and are conveniently ignoring what broke you up last time, only to repeat the cycle (that's a common mistake). By going slow, and taking the time to talk things out at length, you'll have a much better idea of where you stand with him, and whether or not a second try has a real chance of working or not. If you rush, it's too easy to let your feelings take charge and ignore the logical part of your brain when it wants to warn you of a red flag, and that's how you end up hurt and feeling even worse.


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  • Just talk to him let things hapen how they should. he seems to be trying. Just talk to him tomorrow and go from there.

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