Guys, reasons to stop a conversation?

I texted the guy I like yesterday morning, basically apologizing for falling asleep on him. We texted back and for for about a minute..and last thing I said was "haha yeah :)".

Now I realize that's not much to reply to.. but I was hoping he would keep the conversation going?:S He usually does, we both do. But he never texted back. Still hasn't. Is it just because the conversation went dead, do you think? In that case..wooops :/

Or could it be he's just busy and what not. He likes me as well and is interested too so I'm not sure anymore. Am I over thinking? Lol:p


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  • Try to be more interesting and don't press. Also yes you are over thinking it.

    • I always get told I'm VERY interesting to converse with! And don't press?

    • Try too hard. Let a conversation flow without trying to.

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  • yes you are over thinking,u have to have more to talk about so you need time of no texting and talking