Confess or keep silent?

Hi I really need advice on what should I do. So this post will be really, sorry in advance.

I have been dating with an expat for a month, he is relatively new to my country, 2 months here. Let name him Jo, Jo has a busy work schedule, going office early and ending work late. Therefore we usually spend weekends together. Going on dates which I constantly surprise him. And I have been staying over for a few times and yes we did have sex.

We didn't spend much time together this weekend, he had things and said that he needs so time to chill and relax which he went on a date (maybe) with another girl which he has just met I think. I saw him texting her when I was with him yesterday and I regretted, I should had asked him to stay at home instead. I can't say much that if he is dating other girls, because he is new to my country, not having much personal time and he needs more interaction with other girls.

Jo hasn't use his kitchen at his apartment because he doesn't have much time and he thinks just by cooking for himself is not logical. However, he texted me today, saying that he will be cooking with a friend! He told me once that he will cook for me someday, and he is cooking with another girl? I presume might be the same girl from yesterday. Maybe she did a stayed over?

By the way, Jo is a respectful guy, we didn't have any much body contact until 3 dates. So maybe he and that girl are just friends?

We always spend time together sitting at his balcony, chatting about everything and having tea. Personal and craps. So he prepared some cookies for the snack yesterday. Being thoughtful. Then I was teasing him just now, about I don't get to eat the snack he made with the girl, and he said he did saved some for me.

I always feel that Jo and I had a great chemistry, he is like my twins, and it's so comfortable to hang out. Should I tell him how I feel? Saying I really like him and I want to spend more time with him or other suggestions?

Sorry it's really a long post, and might sound too confusing.


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