Why didn't he just call me back instead of texting?

The guy I'm dating called me and we talked. He said he needed to run into the store Ill call you back.

He tried to call but my sister was on the other line so I couldn't respond then. He left a nice voice message.

I tried to call him back but he didn't answer.

Waited for him to call me back but he didn't so I just sent him a text saying sorry I missed your call and sweet dreams.

Which he replied back in one minute with "you too :)"

Is he mad at me for not answering the call, and why didn't he just call me back?


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  • It's possible that he was annoyed. It's more likely that he was frustrated by the phone tag but not upset with you. I don't think he would have texted you that if he was mad at you. There are too many reasons why someone wouldn't call to assume the worst. When you next talk to him or see him you'll know if anything has changed and needs to be set right. For now it's best not to worry about it.

    • guess ill know tonight if he calls. Like you said he did leave a nice voice mail saying what he got to eat and that he was headed home. This is a first for us. That would be really silly to be mad at me because I couldn't pick up when he called, especially when I tried to call him back withing 10 min.

      Oh well I ramble thanks for the answer. :)

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