How do I blow off my old fling without being mean?

About a year ago, I hooked up with this guy a few times. We never had sex, we just sort of made out and went on a few dates. He was nice, but he was really just a summer fling, which is why I didn't sleep with him or turn it into a real relationship. Now, he'll text me every now and then to try to "catch up" even though he knows I have a serious boyfriend now. I don't have a problem with the guy, but I just don't think it would be appropriate. He doesn't contact me often enough for it to be stalking, but it's just mildly annoying because I never know how to blow him off politely, and by the way, saying "I'm not interested" or "that's not a good idea" is not polite. I just told him I'm busy...any other good excuses?


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  • You're wrong, and frankly I'm not surprised because your idea of "mean" and "polite" are biased for what women might want. The cruelest thing you can do to this guy is give him hope or a spark of a chance he can hook up with you. If you want to be polite, and nice, you need to tell him you don't intend to hook up with him and you really aren't interested. Tell him you're sorry and go on your way.


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