What does a guy mean when he makes out with you and don't return calls?

i recently made out with a guy friend on those of those hang out sessions... and we acted very couple-ish...

but we were saying bye... he gave me a hug...

we talked a bit afterwards.. like it will have to be him calling me but whenever I want to look for him, he doesn't return my text or my calls...

what does this all mean?


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  • sorry sweetie but he was probably just looking for a hook up and nothing more. calling him continuously will only make him assume you want something more and make you seem clingy. if you don't want to date him and you enjoy the make out sessions then just tell him straight out and he'll probably be totally cool with it. if you want to date him and he's ignoring you then you might want to reconsider because you should move onto men you want to talk to you and hang out with you all the time just because he wants to, not to make out.

  • It sounds like he just wanted you for one thing. If he was really into you you would have heard back from him.