Ideas for a beach first date in the evening/night?

Hey, so I asked this girl I've met at two different parties out and she said yes. Now I've run into a dilemma of sorts though.. I've already done laser tag dates, mini-golf, and go-karts, etc so I would like to try something new that would allow us to talk and get to know each other sober. So here's my (very rough)plan..

I wanna pick her up at around 4 pm so we can set up towels and catch the sunset, not sure if I should bring a cooler with any food, drinks, or some alcohol(shes 19 though.. so kinda risky), still thinking about that one. I might bring glow sticks just to give us something to play around with when it goes lights out. The part of the beach I wanna go to has a place called "beach place" across the street with hangout scenes like restaurants, chill clubs and all. I'm not against walking along the beach and well prob end up doing that at some point.

Anyways I'm still just thinking about it, is this generally a good idea for a first date? Anything I should do differently, or youd wanna add? Or should I scrap it completely and go for the whole mini-golf/go-karts thing? Thanks!


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  • If my crush would suggest something like that, I'd be happy with it! I like the beach and the sunset gives it a bit of a romantic touch. I'd bring a cooler though if I were you, just some snacks and something to drink, doesn't need to be alcohol. I don't know the girl, it could be that she's more into something casual than romantic for a first date.

    • Thanks for your input :) I might bring some kind of sparkling cider just to make it more festive and fun lol. I gotta ask, would you label something like this as casual or romantic? Or casually romantic? If that's a thing.

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    • Thank you!

    • You're welcome! Thanks for best answer and the best of luck on the date :D

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  • i think your idea is awesome!


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