He seems into me but hasn't verbally said anything yet after 5 months

We have been dating for about 5 months. Everything he does indicates he likes me.

He is a gentleman, buys me things, takes me on dates and pays. Told me to take vacation days next year when he does and is planning things to do for next year.

he either calls or texts almost every day.

Tells me how glad he is that he met me and I have opened his eyes.

every time he talks to me he always references something we have done in the past, or says things like "remember when we did this?" or " I was thinking about when we did this"

He asked if I had told my family about him yet.

so is he into me or not?


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  • Yes, he's into you. A lot of guys, probably most guys, wait for the woman to bring up the relationship conversation.


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  • LOL Oh honey of course he is ! You got a special guy there you are very lucky to have someone so special in your life that adores you the way he does, happy for you?


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  • he is obviously into you! talk to him and ask him what he thinks you guys are.