Should I tell him how I feel or wait?

I've gone on 2 dates with a fine gentleman. We met online...We talk a lot - texting, on the phone and of course in person on our dates & have a ton in common. He texts me good morning and asks how my day is going throughout the day. On our second date, he had my favorite CD playing and helped me out of my seat after the movie was done.

I really like him...I'm wondering if I should tell him. "I can't stop thinking about you..." ask him why he signed up for the online website that we met on, see if he'd be willing to delete his account and I'd delete mine. (I've still been getting emails from guys & I don't want to...)

Last night I texted him "I can't stop thinking about last night!" (our second date) & he replies "Yeah, I hope this doesn't sound creepy or weird, but I can't wait to see you again! :D"


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  • That's really cute, it's obvious that he's interested in you and likes you. It shouldn't be a huge deal if you ask him to delete his account or deactivate it for now since you two are going on dates :)

  • well I think you should wait a little. don't give him all right away, he needs to earn it.

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