Should I Be Worried About Online Girls

My boyfriend and I have been going our for almost 7 months now. We met online. And for one he is still active on the site. I know he messages girls. He is a computer person and don't have a lot of friend he hangs with IRL. I understand that's his thing whereas I know people outside through work and hobbies. My problem is he only talks to girls online. He never mentions a guy he played call of duty or gta with online. Also he'll text or Skype too. I don't understand why he can't keep it all online.

I just want to know at what point should I be worried. Should I just 'get over it'?

On a side note I don't question his affection for me. He treats me great. But this thing is bothering me and I'm worried down the line he'll act on something.



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  • If he's just gaming with them and the like, that's one thing - speaking from experience, it's very normal to use Skype sometimes when in game in lieu of another voice chat. It makes it easier to coordinate.

    But the texting is a bit concerning, I think.

    At the same time, though, if your relationship hasn't changed, I really wouldn't be too concerned. If it's bothering you to this extent, the best thing you could do is just pull him aside and say that you are concerned as to why he's only talking to other girls online, and that it makes you feel insecure not really knowing why. If he's open about talking with other girls online and still treating you very well, then it sounds just like he has an easier time talking to girls. I have a male friend who is exactly like that, yet is utterly devoted to his GF.

    So this is a bit of a mixed answer. It really depends. But from what you've described, I really wouldn't jump to any conclusions.

  • well right now I don't think its that big of a deal. but do keep and eye on him.