'Date' idea: Coming over and watching tv/movie

My girlfriend said she wants to hang out more but I don't have the income to be going on too many dates that require $. Do you think it would be OK to just ask if she wants to come over a watch TV and cuddle or something? It sounds boring but I can't think of anything else to do and I want to have some time where we can be alone. Everything else we have done together was pretty public.

Anything else we could do together at my house?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds awesome! It shouldn't matter what you do as long as your together!

    My ex and I broke up because he didn't hangout with me and stopped trying, his excuse was that "he didn't have enough money" I told him countless times I didn't care what we did, it didn't have to cost any money, like a walk in the park! You can watch a scary movie, take a walk together, it's like 70 degrees where I live right now so people can still go swimming, you could do that. Y'all can play video games if you had any, play a board game even though it sounds cheesy it can be cute! Bake together, cook together! It could be very cute, you just have to be creative, which means putting in thought! I wish y'all luck! I hope this helped:)


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What Girls Said 4

  • i think its awesome. girls want attention and your time. if she's really into you the person, then doing lowkey things like watching movies will be fine by her. explain the cash flow problem to her but tell her you want to spend time with her. and like everyone suggested, lots of free things to do. check out websites like goldstar and groupon too for cheaper things. good luck!

  • If she has been there, and you are comfortable with her then absolutely! Cuddle up and watch a movie, or make her a dinner at home. Take her on a picnic with some sandwiches and a beverage. The good thing is that you don't need money to spend time with each other! :)

    Hope this helps a bit...

  • If she didn't care about your $$$ and more of what's in your <3 she wouldn't mind at all.

    You too could make some homemade cookies from scratch, or play a sexy board game :P

  • well tell her you don't have enough money. tell her that you can get her to come over but she needs to understand that, if she doesn't then she's a bad person.


What Guys Said 2

  • She may just think it's an invitation to get sexual which she may or may not be OK with. There are plenty of free date ideas though.



    walking and running

    Picnic(in the summer mainly)

    Coffee and chit chat.

    Puzzle games

    Board games

    Special interest groups


    Volunteer work

    Museum visit or find a landmark to check out

    If your phone has the app, geocaching can be great fun for you. link

    There's plenty to do.

  • i always though "come over and watch a movie" is code lingo for "lets f***"

    • It pretty much is but if he is under 18 like his profile says his parents may be home so it may or may not apply in this situation.

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