Sweet 19 and never been kissed?

There's this guy that I really like that goes to my university. Typically, I'm very forward and willing to make it known that I like someone but he's different-you see, he's never had his first kiss or his first girlfriend. We get along so well and the pasture night we've spent together outside sleeping in the courtyard looking at the stars and talking. I've held his hand once and he didn't pull away he just let it happen but I don't want to scare him off by being too forward. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to progress this?

*past few, not pasture haha
Well. Getting rejected always sucks, especially with someone you like this much. I told him that I liked him and that I know neither of us are ready for a relationship but I just had to let him know and he didn't really reciprocate the feelings. I'm just going to treat it like nothing happened I guess? I don't know. But I'm hurting a lot from it.


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  • If you've spent romantic time together as you describe and he is comfortable holding hands with you, then it seems to me like a kiss may be the next natural progression of this. If you're not sure and not comfortable being so forward in this situation, then just continue to see this guy and go places together and continue to spend quality time together as you are already doing. It is likely that there will come a time when the opportunity for you two to kiss will come along and at that point it may feel more natural and comfortable to go ahead and kiss this guy.

    It sounds to me like things are generally going well, so try not to rush things and just make the move to kiss him when the time feels right, although from what you've said, I think that time may be quite soon! lol

    Good luck with this and I hope everything works out for you! :o)

    • Well I'm sorry that this didn't work out for you, but I always feel that knowing the truth is better than going through life wondering. At least you've got your feelings off your chest now and you know exactly how he feels. Although it may not be what you want to hear and are hurting right now, you no longer have to wonder. I hope you can still remain good friends and personally, I think he's crazy not to want to date a beautiful girl like you! ;o) I hope you start feeling better soon... :o)

    • Hey, thanks for best answer! :o)

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  • glad you fixed "pasture", I thought you were hanging out with the cows/sheep for a second.

    you won't scare him off, he is just shy but I'm sure he likes you.

    start a play wrestling "fight", steal something, challenge him, etc, once you are both worn out, end up on top, or bottom, slowly go in for the kiss, see if he will move toward you also, if so, let him kiss you, if not, keep moving forward until contact and kiss slowly.

    tell him that he won the "fight", and ask what he is going to do with you now that you are helpless?

    you can thank me later :)

  • I think you may be OK leading things. he's probably a nervous wreck.

  • I'm 21 years old and never had a kiss and I can tell you he won't he might be freaked if you just attacked his face so instead lean in all romantic like and kiss him so he can process what's going on.

  • are you implying you haven't been in a relationship, kiss or are you saying he hasn't? when you say you are very forward, are you implying you are one of the very few girls that will make the first move on a guy?

    • He has never been in a relationship and yes I frequently will make the first move-but only when I know for certain he will be comfortable with it and with this guy I just can't tell!

    • i'm sorry that happened but don't let that stop you from making the first move and being a forward type of girl

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