Not understanding what I am feeling?

I tend to be the person that is always a loner, but can be very social. I don't have people I can call and just ride out with. Even though I consider myself a loner I have dated a few girls, and currently dating this wonderful girl whom is more experienced than I. I have never had a girlfriend she has had a very long term relationship more than three years and she sees her ex every so often. We haven't really discussed being exclusive nor have I thought it was very necessary, because I believe she really likes me and I like her a lot (to the point I can almost say I love her, even though it has been about a month). Whenever I don't see her or call her it is like I get down and nervous. I think to myself will she leave me for another guy, end up sleeping with another guy and I just happened to find out, am I boring her or will she just out of the blue go back to her ex. Yet whenever she is around me all those feelings just go away. I guess it comes down to my innate sense of not trusting people aside from my family. Also this being the first time my feelings really coming out and me opening myself up to another possible failure (since the five other girls I have dated never went past three dates or about two weeks). It is one of those things I don't want to end.


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  • Those feelings of insecurity can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you aren't careful. The best thing you can do is not give her a reason to leave you, or cheat on you. If you show her that you two have a good thing, and you believe you have a good thing, she has no reason to stray. There's never a guarantee... People are fickle creatures. But confidence is the best medicine for those feelings. Building confidence can be hard, but if you let your insecurity get the best of you, that will push her away.

    You really like her. So let her know that. There's a difference between being clingy and being direct.

  • Be true to yourself just don't make actions that you are going to regret :)