When texting a guy, what do girls usually want to talk about?

Im somewhat of a shy person that never was good at talking to girls. Yes I had girlfriends but that was always based on looks or how drunk I was when she took me to her place.

Im not trying to sound like a manwhore or anything, I'm actually a very decent guy with standards. I have females on my fb account I would love to get to know. every time I talk to a female it ends up kind of awkward with no real ending. Sometime I really feel like I have no communication skills when it comes to females and its a real prob.

Any tipps on how to keep a conversation interesting/going, do's and dont's? I would like to hear from both sides, thank you in advance for replying.


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  • Their not different species. They have the same minds as us guys. Whatever you can think of you can just bring up in a convo.

    • You don't understand, I'm kinda like the Indian dude from "Big Bang Theory" when I comes to females.

    • right now your fear is all in conversation. I think you should say hi to her and casually walk away. Do this for a while until you are comfortable saying anymore. Don't rush this.

    • Idk, I keep getting nowhere with girls that I talk to, after "hello how are you", I blank out and just don't know what to say.

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