Should I give another chance?

I dated this guy fro 2 years and he would go a month or two without talking to me and we only broke up once. I got tired of being ignore so I broke up with him. When I broke up with him he sent me a 3 page text telling me he loves me and he will change but I don't know what to do I care about him but I'm afraid if I give him another chance he will do the same thing again he text me everyday now but I still don't think it will last


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  • Why does the title matter if he avoids you for months at a time?

    You sound like a beard. Get some self confidence and find someone who can actually stand being around you.


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  • Find somebody else this guy is only using you I know cause I had a boyfriend the acted the same way but you will find somebody else just tell him we are done

  • It won't last. He will do it again..

    I don't think these types of relationships are meant to last, I think they are meant to test us and teach us how to stand up for ourselves.. how to be who we really are and love who we are.

    Tell him thanks for teaching you how to love yourself and then say goodbye, these types are always temporarily healthy.. long term though.. they're sh*t