Texting 10 days later, why?

If a guy never text you right back. Always says he was busy when he does text back and this is the reason for the late response (1-10 days later- I mean 10 days, really?). I can take it that he's really not interested?

When a guy text me. I text the ones I'm interested in right back. The ones I'm not to interested in, I do not text them right away or not at all.

I think I just answered my own question... LOL

But still feel free to leave your thoughts


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  • What you said is generally true, but not always. He could genuinely be busy or an airhead (in which case you probably wouldn't want to date him anyway). I was a premed who maintained a 4.0 in college, so I got very busy at times (especially the last year or two), so, at times, I'd be pretty bad about returning texts or calls to women that I liked—although, usually, not nearly that bad. He's probably one of those idiots that believe in trying to make the other chase you.

  • Sounds like he doesn't take you seriously. I honestly find that most girls deliberately wait like 5-10 minutes so they "seem busy" when they're just insecure about "coming off clingy."


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