Girls, what do you think about ladies men?

I have been called a ladies man several times recently, but have always been single. I don't really put myself with girls, they come to me. Would you date date a ladies man?


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  • I see a ladies man as a guy who always has ladies around him, or a lot of lady friends. I don't know if I'd date a ladies man. If he was a player, no. If he sincerely wanted to be with me, then sure.

    • The girls are usually around I have always been single, and try to treat girls as best I can

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    • Lol the probablem is, whatever I do with my female friends people think I am flirting with them. It makes some awkward situations sometimes

    • Well, yeah. I can see why haha.

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  • probably means your penis looks like a vagina ! lol

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