Is he just messing with me? Or unsure?

Recently started talking again with a guy who used to like me.

I told him in person that I would like to talk again, since we are much older now(and can actually date now). He was really nervous and talked fast. He also couldn't really look me in the eyes, but said he wanted to talk to me again, but didn't know how to prove it.

He messaged me afterward, and after a few hours of talking he brought up that we should meet up and talk it all out. He also said he would make time, and that I should decide when and where. He said he would only tell me what he feels in person, which is great, but, we have had a lot of trouble finding the " perfect" time and place, and he told me many times not to worry because it will happen.

Every time I decide, he says that he is too busy. We had scheduled to meet up one day, and he told me he had to go into work, and didn't suggest a different day.

I've asked him a couple times in the past few weeks when we could meet up, and each time he tells me I should decide ( even though I told him to decide since he is busier than me). Sometimes he won't even answer when I ask him about a day, or he says he's busy. ( I find it hard to believe he can't find 2 hours in a week to talk to me)

He doesn't talk to me in school and walks past me like it's nothing, but stares at me. Ever since we started talking, he's on Facebook like once an hour, just for a moment, whereas before he would probably get on once a day at most. His closest friend talks to me; one could even say he flirts with me ( he told me I probably won't date him) and all of his friends know who I am, even ones I've never talked to. They give him a look when I'm around, and sometimes bug me.I really don't know why he's being so confusing and distant. I told him I wouldn't tell my friends anything he said, or judge him for whatever it is, and he didn't say anything to that... What is he thinking and how exactly should I approach the situation? At this point all I want is to talk things out, even if we don't date.


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  • Based on 2-3 different experiences of my own, I can say that he either; Likes you but isn't sure about how he actually feels yet and is trying to come to terms with them first, messing you about and just thinks your sexy/hot so continues texting you but ain't that all into you, he could be a nervous wreck and back out of meeting (I DID THIS A LOT) and lastly, one of his close friends, the one that flirts with you, may have told him that he likes you so he's being a good friend and backing away. Either way, don't get too wound up in it all. IT SUCKS. EXPERIENCE TALKING. If he doesn't act quick, move on girl! :) GOOD LUCK

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