Guys, if you like a girl would you recommend someone else for her to date?

Im crushing hard core on the older guy (who probably thinks he's too old for me) and he just texted me saying this guy is "good dating material"... I replied but he hasn't replied back and probs won't...idk would you set up someone you like with someone else?


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  • No, that would be counterproductive.

    • yeah... but he still texts me tho

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    • I suppose the real question is why aren't you talking to the older guy?

    • well I'm hesitant cause he kind of doesn't show interest in me that way... I said we should celebrate that we both got into this tough class, but he ignored it- and ik he ignored it cause I texted him again later and he replied

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  • No. In your case, maybe. At first, it was kind of awkward dating a girl a lot younger than I. But now that I have, I wouldn't offer to set a younger girl up if I was interested in her; so it's possible that he doesn't realize that you're interested.

    • i mean, I always reply to him

      he said he's looking for someone inbetween like hyper and 25

    • He's probably hesitant, as I was at first. There's a stigma attached to it, and he probably wonders just how young of a girl he could get. So you have to do more to indicate that you like him. I don't hesitate now, and, in fact, I mainly date girls in their early 20s now.

    • he just replied to me saying "hahaha" and that's it... so I guess he's not interested

  • If my friend liked you more than I like you, then I would do what your crush did. this however is nit to say your crush doesn't like you, its just what I would do.

  • if I thought shed be hap[py then yes

  • Even if I liked her, if I think she doesn't like me, I can accept that nothing will happen, and suggest someone else.


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