Why hasn't this guy texted me yet?

So this guy is in a group with me for a project in one of my classes. One day his friend decided to tell us that we needed to date. Now all they do is tease us all class period. I haven't talked to this guy too much but he seems nice. Today his friend asked me what my number was. He wrote it down and have it to the guy that they claim I should date. They told him to text me and he said OK. He has been giving hints here and there that he's a bit interested and that he finds me attractive. I'm just wondering why he hasn't texted me yet? Could he just feel pressured into liking me and he may not have any feelings at all? Or is it just nerves? Help!


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  • Since everybody seems to be trying to egg and route this on, I can imagine that they are doing so because he is a bit shy.

    That is why he couldn't take the initiative himself in the first place.

    Give it some time and I am sure he will find the courage to text you.

    If he does not simply ask him.

    It's only a matter of time before he starts coming out of his shell when you

    both start to speak regularly.


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  • Nerves and yea his friends are pressuring him. Just give it time. Flirt with him a little see what happens.

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