Went good the first date, second date backfired, what happened?

My roomie set me up with a person she knew in high school. So we started texting each other. (which is a REALLY bad idea make sure you meet the person first then start texting) Anyways, we texted for about a week and finally met and went ice skating. It was great once we got over the awkward state. He was really sweet and funny. We even went and had dessert at a restaurant and went to my dorm and watched a movie. Again it was great we just laughed and talked it was nice. We texted for another week and he wanted to go on another date. We decided to go bowling yesterday which we do he picks me up and turns out the bowling place was closed cause of leagues (another tidbit make sure the place is open and everything) Instead we go to my dorm and decide to go watch the basketball game later at the college. Well I forgot about my roommate but it was okay since he was friends with her so yeah.. even though we didn't talk the whole while since my roomie's friend and her kept talking. I guess this was the awkward part. Eventually the game is about to start so we head over there. And once we sat down a couple guy friends of his sits beside him and starts talking about his old crush and pointing her out in the crowd and how she's with this new guy. We don't really talk the whole game. And afterward he texts me and says that maybe we should just be friends. Is this cause his so called 'friends' or me? or him? or WHAT?! Any ideas? Guys? Girls?

He also said this when I asked why and this is word for word:

Don't get me wrong you're fantastic and I love your personality the truth is I don't see a boyfriend girlfriend relationship going very far between us and I don't think it's fair to waste your time but I see us being great friednds
I know he said he just wanted to be friends but he texts me again the next day after I asked why. He even mentions our date kind of. Like he went bowling the next day and sent me a pic of his score and was like "You got lucky!" Is there a still a chance? Or like the one guy said he's just confused. Do I keep texting him? Or just forget him? Or what I'm confused O_o


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  • Maybe his friends told him he was in a rebound stage and shouldn't be jumping into a new relationship. It soundsas if he just broke up with this former gf.

    Or maybe all the awkward things that happened during this second date made him think it was just fate, and that he shouldn't pursue you.


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  • He's confused, and he realized that.


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  • Don't assume it's all your "fault". He could've been open to new dates but realized you two weren't a good match after all. Maybe because his friends pointed out his crush, he remembered how he felt about her and realized he didn't feel the same butterflies for you which made him think you two weren't a good match so he decided to just be friends. It's normal he talked to your roommate and his friends, ignoring them would be rude. Though it's hard sometimes to devide your attention between your date and your friends, one of the two will feel a bit left out.

    I suggest you just stay friends but try to meet up, maybe after hanging out some more he could see you as more than a friend.

    • Thanks for the advice! :) I appreciate it I guess this answered my update haha

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