Why is he causing all these drama?

been dating this guy for 4 months...i have always felt someithg not right..but gave the benefit of the doubts...so I finally got to find out a few things..he did indeed lied to me about some stuff...he doesn't' know I know...such as he was in town but told me he had to go away and stood me up...and can't pick up phone calls sometimes...

he couldn't reach me Monday I was busy..he called at night..asking where I was and if I went on a date...i teased and said if he were to stand me up again I will not see him again. he asked if I don't like him anymore and if I was breaking up with him.

last night, he asked again if I went on a date..

me - why should I be dating other people?

him - Nooo

me - why?

him - Omg. You're MINE

then proceed to called me. I told him I am not a property like his cars lol..he said..no its like we are together and that Mine like the valentine hearts "be mine" lol

gosh...what am I dealing with here?

what do you think? any thoughts would help. thanks...

ha believe it or not...it got better after I wrote this. I finally got fed up and just went to him (I am not supposed to know where he lives)and told him this is not working out...

i am feeling much better now that he is gone.

thank you for your help. :)


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  • If this guy is your age or close to it...RUN...I'm sorry, but it appears from what you wrote that he is a player and pulling your strings. I hate when grown men act like there 15. On the other hand it's a sign, it's a huge red flag! On a positive note it's a signal for you to drop him to the curb. This guy is immature and one that plays head games you DONT need him in your life. Your better then that! You want a man that really is man not one that pretends to be one.


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  • He is a liar and isn't serious.

  • He lied, red flag. Dump him. If he lie this early, he will do so again later on.

    Also he seems controlling/insecure definetel NOT good traits in a possible partner.