Dating a guy who hasn't really dated before?

Would it bother you if a guy told you that he didn't date before because he wasn't really interested in dating at the time and too much on the move?


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  • Haha it depends on the girl, yeah being rusty is one thing, just depends on if she is willing to work with you or not, you need a good relationship where you guys can talk about almost anything. All of that guy text girl first stuff and celebrating 3 months(which I find kind of petty) it's all different for each girl, you kind of have to wing it.


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  • Lol that was how I was, I think some of the customs are hard to remember so that'd be hard to get used to I still don't get half of it (girl wants guy to text first, or call everyday or celebrate 3 and 6 month anniversary and what not, confusing shit man!)

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