What is with this texting and FB?

OK, I read tons of questions and try and help. It seems more and more Askers make references to FB postings and texting. Why do you care? I don't have a smart phone yet. Since when is a short text or a Befriending on FB gain so much weight? Why don't folks seek out a phone call for small talk or a face-to-face conversation for bigger concerns? Maybe this is a bigger question: Have you noticed that Social media actually has the opposite effect? Where are old fashioned people skills?


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  • I truly agree with this question . I see a lot of question asking about a simple Smiley or phrase somebody sent that causes up a storm inside a persons brain. I think we are in a modern day and age and we should embrace technology and use it but what's wrong is people thinking that a SMS or a fb post can mean something serious when it usually doesn't. I think people should refer more to real life events rather than messages they receive one their phone or Facebook.

    • right on...lets see what others think...I know there are a lot of like minded folks...I want to hear from the other side...I suppose if everyone around you is absorbed with their phones...then you have to be a lemming...