Why does he put in so much effort when he sees me but only see each other once a week

He puts so much effort when he sees me,

pays for dates, we go exciting places

recently bought me a negligee among other things for the bedroom( that I Haven't worn yet)

he calls or texts daily and we talk for 2 hours

asks me if I have told my family about him

tells me how much he misses me

always talks out past dates and things we've done

always dirty talks to me over text

but we only see each other once a week.

yes he has a full busy life but...

not sure what he wants

dating 5 months


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  • I only see my boyfriend once to twice a week and that is just because we both are super busy. Yes it is hard but we make the best of it. And by not seeing each other all the time we know and see how much we love each other. It is hard but not impossible. Just take in and utilize every moment you have with him because it is so brief. Just tell him that you wish you could be together more because you love him so much and most likely he feels the same. That is what I do. I hope it works out.


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  • He wants you...

    The next time you talk just ask him. You're never going to figure out your relationship here. You have to talk to him.


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  • How long have you known him? How long have you been dating? How old are both of you? Are you exclusive or are you not sure if you are?

    • I agree more information would be helpful to properly answer this question.