Guys, if you texted a girl and she haven't seen it for more than a month and half , what will you think?

so what if you broke up with a girl then texted her to reconcile saying ''so what now ? how are you '' , she Haven't seen it for a month and half and then replied saying that she is sorry that hasn't seen it before , what will you think ,that she was probably too busy to check her messages? , not interested anymore ? , it happened unintentionally ? , or what ?


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  • um, for me if I don't want to reply someone I would try not to "read" the message(but you can still get the message by looking at the beginning or email)

    I will assume that she noticed the message but ignore it, and maybe there is something change in her life recently that made her miss you now?!

    I mean, I don't really think there is a case that she would actually missed the message more than a month and half and just notice it now(if I miss a message for that long I wouldn't be able to find it later lol)

    • but you know she could find it after all this time , cause new msgs on Facebook are always highlighted , so maybe she found it when she finally opened her fb , she said she hasn't opened her fb for too long and when she did she didn't check her msgs , would you still think she is not ineterested or ignored it ?

    • um.. if she actually hasn't opened fb for too long then maybe she just didn't notice the msg.. I don't know her but you do, do you trust her?

      well, as long as she replied you now so just see how things going? I know it's hard not to think about it but maybe you should try not to over-analysing : )

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  • It depends on the person, but after a month and a half it really wouldn't matter what I thought, it would be long over.


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  • If people don't reply to my texts within 2 days, I usually assume that they are ignoring me. More so if you guys recently broke up.

    • but it was on fb , and there is that ''seen '' option if you did see it , it wasn't marked seen for the whole month and half , plus why would she reply after all that time if she intended not to reply at the beginning , what do you think ?