Guys what do you make of this "list"?

I've been on two dates with a fine young man & we are going to go on our third next weekend. We talk about a ton of stuff...whether it be texting or talking on the phone.

He made a list...He thinks I'm beautiful (he said it to me too at dinner on our second date), cautious, classy, cultured and sassy. :)

Just friends or could he maybe want to date me?


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  • Aren't you already dating? Are you really asking does he like you or is being nice? If that's the question, I'd say he's interested in more than friendship. One thought I have: is the list reasonably accurate? If so, then he's observant and pays attention to what you do and say. That's also a good sign. If' it's way off (apart from the beautiful part), then he might be trying to flatter you indiscriminately. I doubt this or you would have said something about it.


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