Is this the "giveaway" that she likes me?

I like her. Never been sure if she likes me. We walk about everyday. There's a lot I could tell you, but lately it seems like we've been getting closer/becoming better friends. I didn't get to walk with her at all today, I saw her in the hallway and was like "hey [her name] I haven't seen you all day!" She said "I know where have you been? I waited for you guys until [a time]" (we usually walk me her and another guy) I said "where have I been? Where have YOU been?" She had to go but I usually walk just me and her as school ends to the parking lot.

Anyways I got a message from her (very very unusual) "Hey. Sorry I didn't walk with you at all today"

Me: "it's okay I know you missed me haha"

Her: "haha I did"

Me: "and I missed making fun of you jk" (we play around a lot)

Her: "I know you did"

Me: "there's always tomorrow though"

Her: "right"

Me:"I mean if you're not too cool for me"

Her: "hahaha right"

Me: ":)"

Haven't heard back from her, it was a short conversation. She wasn't saying much...but the initial "sorry" makes me think she may like me. Any opinions? We don't text much so thy adds in my new opinion.


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  • Just based on the text conversation, it seems like she likes you. She's being flirty and admitted that she missed you. I would say it's a "giveaway" that she likes you. If she has a history with other guys, then she's just a flirt. If not, then I say go for it.

    • She doesn't really have history with other guys. I'm not sure not sure if she was kidding or not but I like that se thought of me anyways

    • it doesn't really matter if she was kidding or not, just the fact that she said it. if she had no interest in you, she would deny your advances or play it off at the very least. she wouldn't reciprocate interest.

  • I don't think there's anything in this question to point towards her liking you.

    She might, but nothing here says that,


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